Law-Firm GVLEX

Lithuanian Bar Association

Member and practicing Attorney-at-Law since March, 2020.

More information available here:

Association of Customs Practicioners in Lithuania

Member since 2019

Members of the Customs Practitioners Association represent business areas (in the Republic of Lithuania) united by one common theme – customs formalities (procedures) and their legal regulation. More information about the activities of the Association is available here:

MB „Mokymų klubas“

lecturer since 2019

MB “Mokymų klubas” organizes conferences, seminars and courses for Lithuanian and international companies operating in the Republic of Lithuania, more information about membership (in Lithuanian) here:

JSC „Mokesčių srautas“ („COUNTLINE“)

lecturer since 2019

JSC „Mokesčių srautas“ („Countline“) organizes training for lawyers, office administrators, HR administrators, and other professionals in the Republic of Lithuanian. Classroom and in-house training activities organized by the “Countline” provides the most relevant information on the latest legislative changes. More information about membership here (in Lithuanian):

Journal “Customs Law for Practitioners”

editor, editorial board member since 2021

The publication (magazine) is published once a month in Lithuanian language and is dedicated to the Lithuanian market. The journal regularly discusses the most important changes in customs law, innovations in legal regulation of customs duties and import taxes, provides practical insights and comments to business and all persons involved in international trade on the application of customs law and the calculation of import taxes as well as related case-law (judicial cases) in Lithuania. More information here (in Lithuanian):

„Customs Compliance & Risk Management: Journal for Practitioners in Europe“

Member of Editorial Board since 2020

The journal will be and is dedicated not only to theoretical problems but to the practical issues, reflecting the pulse of international trade business in Europe and all over the World. It focuses on the issues of customs formalities and their regulation in order to provide advice and notifications for businesses engaged in international trade operations and to minimize any potential import tax risks which may arise due to the lack of knowledge about new rules, requirements, and practices. More information here: