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Dr. Gediminas Valantiejus

Lawyer Dr. Gediminas Valantiejus Attorney-at-Law dr. Gediminas Valantiejus has been practicing law in the public and private sector for more than 20 years (has started a private practice since 2013) and represents natural and legal persons while defending their rights and legitimate interests in tax disputes (including customs disputes), administrative and administrative offense cases, in civil disputes as well as in other areas related to business or personal activities (e.g. labor law), provides conclusions, recommendations, consultations and prepares procedural documents ((since October, 2021, in the Law-Firm GVLEX).).

In the course of this activity, the Attorney-at-Law has accumulated extremely extensive and complex practical experience in the field of tax and customs disputes as well as providing advice on them both in state institutions (State Tax Inspectorate, Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania) and in well-known law firms in the Baltic States and Lithuania (“Motieka ir Audzevičius “, “ILAW LEXTAL”), as well as in the Association of Customs Practitioners in Lithuania. The gained practical work experience allows to offer complex solutions in other areas of public and private law and in court cases, especially in administrative disputes with state (municipal) institutions.

In order to ensure the quality of provided legal services and professional competence, Gediminas successfully defended doctoral dissertation in the field of tax & customs law at Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2019) and regularly teaches in it and in other higher education institutions in Lithuania. Areas of gis academic activity include international economic and trade law, EU and national tax and customs law, taxation of international trade, issues of administrative process and procedures, and other related matters.

One of the lawyer’s specific and unique areas of specialization is customs law and import taxes (including VAT and excise duties).While pursuing this specialization Gediminas published his doctoral dissertation (in 2019) and later – monograph “Legal Regulation of Customs Duties” (in 2020) as well as more than twenty peer-reviewed scientific articles and/or other scientific and practical publications; besides he regularly participates in research projects on import taxes carried out by the EU institutions. The lawyer (Attorney-at-Law) also regularly conducts trainings (is a lecturer at MB “Mokymų klubas”, COUNTLINE and other leading training organizers in Lithuania) and presents presentations on customs and import tax regulation at international scientific conferences. Currently, Attorney-at-Law dr. Gediminas Valantiejus is also the editor of practical journals for specialists of tax and customs law (“Customs Compliance and Risk Management” (in English), “Customs Law for Practitioners” (in Lithuanian)) and a member of the Customs Practitioners Association in Lithuania (since 2019).